About me :

I graduated from Isfahan University of Technology with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology at 2014. During my undergrad, I was a member of Game theory and Mechanism Design Lab, working under supervision of  Dr. M. H. Manshaei. My work concerned with social networks' privacy issues. Specifically, I reviewed Twitter's privacy concerns and provided solutions in a multitude of publications. Moreover, I worked as a big data analyst, providing and processing social network related data for fellow researchers.
Additionally, I worked on Brain Computer Interface under supervision of Dr. R. Amirfattahi. My worked concerned with processing of EEG spectrum to discover and learn sensory-motor rhythms.  

Educations :

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran.

    - GPA: 3.52/4 (16.3/20)

    - Thesis: Study of Privacy Concerns in Social Networks, Under Supervision of Dr. M. H. Manshaei

High School Diplomà, Isfahan, Iran.

    - With Highest Honers

Research Interests :

Social Networks
Data Mining
Security and Privacy
Machine Learning